Carnyx of Tintignac

I reconstructed this carnyx according to the archaeological publishing of the Tintignac discovery. My first concern was to adapt this instrument to the 21st century world. So I have imagined a screw system to be able to switch between the different mouthpieces and have several scales of playing, but it’s also possible to have only one straight mouthpiece like the archeological carnyx.

The carnyx can be taken apart thanks to a screw system on the ears, in the middle of the pipe and on the mouthpieces. 

Are you interested in the carnyx ? Send me an email and I will send you back the info sheet and order sheet with all the prices and delay.

Archaeological sources (non-exhaustive) :

carnyx Tintignac crête archéo noir et blanc.
Oreille carnyx Tintignac comparatif.

How does it sound ? :

What's in the box ? :

How is it made ? :