practice Carnyx / Medieval Buisine

This trumpet has the same dimensions, diameter, tube length, and tube thickness as the carnyxes I manufacture. It also features a carnyx mouthpiece, producing the same notes and nearly the same sound as a carnyx. It can also serve as a buisine (bucine, busine, buccina, añafil, trumpet of the apocalypse), a famous medieval straight trumpet, without being an exact copy of a specific instrument. This instrument aims to be an alternative to the carnyx if it is beyond your budget or if the waiting times are too long. With this trumpet, you will achieve the same sound as a carnyx, and the mouthpiece will allow you to practice if you ever intend to transition to a classic carnyx. Two models are available, one with brass rings and the other without brass rings (but the instruments can be customized according to your preferences if you have specific requests).

Are you interested in the carnyx ? Send me an email and I will send you back the info sheet and order sheet with all the prices and delay.

How does it sound ? :

How is it made ? :